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Replace, Regrow, Regain

Restore your hair with surgical and non-surgical replacement techniques in Windsor & the Greater Detroit Area.

Unisex Hair Replacement Clinic Serving Windsor and Greater Detroit

Our Services

Scalp Conditions

From the roots to the tips, our full hair and scalp treatment helps restore your hair’s shine, softness, and volume.

Hair Treatments

This is our personalized treatment plan for you, including laser hair rejuvenation and PRP therapy that helps you enrich your hair density.

Hair Transplant

Our surgical team has the experience to provide you with long-term care before, during, and after your hair transplant surgery.

Our custom-made wigs and hairpieces are quick, painless, and long-lasting that best suit your appearance and lifestyle.

Women Hair

We help hundreds of women create their desired look and reduce hair loss. Our solutions can provide you with the hope you need to grow your hair.

Men hair

From traditional hair systems to the latest non-surgical procedures, our hair replacement systems for men can help them look good and feel confident.

Are you noticing more and more scalp showing where hair used to be? Whether your hair is falling out or thinning fast, you can regain the confidence and luscious hair you deserve with the well-known team at Images IV H.R.S. in Windsor. We offer various surgical and non-surgical hair loss treatments including hair replacement and wigs. Our treatment options are clinically proven to restore hair loss due to aging, alopecia, cancer treatments, and hormonal imbalances. Call us today to book a consultation for hair replacement options in Windsor and the Greater Detroit Area.

Surgical and Non-Surgical Options

Our surgical options include follicular unit grafting and micro-grafting that insert hair follicles into the scalp and micro and linear punch that replaces the bald tissue with hair-rich tissue. Along with wigs, our non-surgical options include weaves, hair extensions, and a Live Skin Replica that allows for everyday vigorous activity like swimming and running.

Confront Hair Loss Head-On

Hair loss is common in men but it affects women as well. At Images IV, we’ve been helping clients from those with thinning hair to the partially and fully bald for years. Our honest, knowledgeable staff will provide analysis of the issue and restore your healthy head of hair with our treatment and replacement options:

Hair loss treatment


Surgical hair transplants

Human and synthetic hair systems

For both men and women

Confidence with Confidentiality

For men and women alike, personal hair loss can be devastating. We understand it takes courage to face an impending situation and bravery to reach out for help—that’s why we’re committed to client confidentiality. From our off-the-beaten path location to our one-on-one conversations in individual meeting places, your privacy is our priority. There’s no reason your new, thicker hair can’t stay our little secret.

Brush Up on Your Options

Why wait any longer? Take action and get your hair back fast!

Feel Revitalized for Free

Why let hair loss lower your self-esteem? Sometimes, it only takes that first conversation with a professional for our clients to see the hope ahead. We’ve been in business helping people like you for a long time. Book your free consultation, and the specialists at Images IV will help you choose the best path for you to overcome hair loss.

Professional Affiliations

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Reclaim Your Confidence

Trust our team for safe and thorough transplant surgeries.

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Find Your Hairpiece

Wigs, toppers, and hair systems that blend with your looks.

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