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Easy, Accurate, Healthy Hair Treatments in Windsor and the Detroit Area

Following a free consultation, our team at Images IV H.R.S. will develop a personalized treatment plan to help you enrich your hair density. Micro-camera hair analysis tells us exactly what we need to know about your scalp and how to proceed. Our high-tech treatments include laser hair rejuvenation and PRP therapy.

Laser Hair Rejuvenation

Low-level laser hair rejuvenation (also known as red light or cold laser therapy) is a safe procedure that irradiates photons into scalp tissues, which weak cells absorb. This procedure gets the blood circulating at the base of your hair follicles to promote new, denser, stronger growth.

PRP Therapy

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy stimulates the growth mechanisms of hair follicles to get you back to full-bodied hair. Through a three-step process, blood is drawn from your arm and processed to extract the platelet-rich plasma. This plasma is then injected into places on your scalp maximizing an increase in hair growth.


These treatments and more are available to you at our Windsor hair treatment clinic.

Treat Your Hair and Scalp to All-Natural Care

Healthy hair care products are hard to come by. You might have heard most common shampoos and conditioners are made up of harmful sulfates that damage cells and strip away natural oils and hair proteins. Their residues prevent hair’s natural regrowth, thinning your hair and possibly causing irreversible hair loss.


An all-natural treatment regimen is key to solving scalp conditions and promoting hair regrowth. Thankfully, Images IV H.R.S. has advanced products dedicated to treating your hair and scalp without leaving unwanted residues behind. These cleansers rid your hair of excess deposits from so-called commercial “hair care” products so your hair can grow back healthier than ever. Contact us for emulsions that counteract hair loss, creams that maintain your hair health, and shampoos and conditioners that strengthen and rejuvenate hair.

Capillus Laser Cap

Take hair replacement therapy home with the Capillus Laser Cap. The latest in wearable tech for hair regrowth, the Capillus Laser Cap regenerates hair cells while you enjoy all the activities you love. A state-of-the-art therapy, Capillus produces results with only 6 minutes of repeated daily wear. Hair therapy has never been so high-tech!


These treatments and more are available to you at our Windsor hair treatment clinic – visit us for a consultation!

Witness the Results

Consult our specialists and start growing your hair back.

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