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Men’s and Women’s Wigs and Hair Systems in Windsor

Whether you’re suffering from male pattern baldness, alopecia, or hair loss due to chemotherapy treatments, a replacement hair system from our Windsor clinic is a fast, simple solution that delivers instant results. The staff at Images IV H.R.S. is committed to finding you the wig or hairpiece best suited to your appearance, so you can resume your day-to-day life with confidence.


Once integrated with your natural hair, our custom-made hairpieces are undetectable. By fixing a hairpiece to your scalp, you can lead a stylish, carefree, and even athletic lifestyle and nobody will be able to tell the difference. The procedure is quick, painless, and long-lasting.

 Human and Synthetic Wigs

Modern hairpieces are lighter and more undetectable than ever. Whether you opt for a human or synthetic wig, your hairline and the wig’s monofilament will stay invisible, like your scalp.


For localized hair loss or added volume, we also offer a range of toppers. These hair solutions look natural and attach to your own hair to cover unwanted bald patches on the crown, forehead. We also sell hair extensions for added length.

 Find the lengths, colours, and textures that flatter your face and complement your personality at Images IV!

They’ll Never Know

Shop men’s and women’s wigs and hairpieces for every look.

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