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Laser Therapy for Hair Regrowth in Windsor

If you’re looking for the right solution that helps you regrow your own hair in a natural way, count on us. At Images IV H.R.S., we provide clinically proven, six-minute daily laser therapy for hair regrowth in Windsor. We use an economical and convenient laser technology - Capillus® - that helps you grow thicker, healthier hair.

 Capillus® Laser Therapy

It is a clinically proven, physician-recommended, FDA-cleared treatment that regrows your thinning hair and prevents further hair loss due to pattern balding. With six minutes of use per day, Capillus® caps use safe, low-level lasers to energize, stimulate, and renew cells within the hair follicle for healthier, thicker hair. We offer:

CapillusUltra – economical and convenient

CapillusPlus – powerful and affordable

CapillusPro – premier device

We Stand with Capillus® Laser Regrowth

From six-minute treatments to flexible fitting comfort, these Capillus® devices are designed and produced to support clients with their hair health. Capillus® devices are available in various options when it comes to laser density, ranging from 410 mW to an unparalleled 1560 mW.


Call us today to learn more about the Capillus® laser hair regrowth therapy in Windsor and the surrounding areas.

Laser Hair Regrowth Therapy

Capillus® therapy displays effectiveness in treating male and female hair loss.

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