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Hairpieces for Women in Windsor

Hormonal changes, menopause, and thinning hair can cause most of the women to lose their hair every year. If you’re facing noticeable hair loss, our latest solution can be your flame of hope. At Images IV H.R.S. in Windsor, we offer various hairpieces that suit any style for women. Whether you have diffused or thinning hair, we can add on a small amount of hair that will benefit you. All our hairpieces available for women are hand-made with European human hair.


At Images IV H.R.S., our knowledgeable staff will provide you with a hairpiece that is easy to wear and maintain. Keeping in mind your lifestyle and comfort level, we use a variety of methods such as double-sided tape, clips, or permanent bonding, to securely anchor your hairpiece. We will make sure that the hairpieces blend into your own hair so that your styling method and products remain the same.

 A Little More

We can also create custom hairpieces based on your head’s size, colour selection, and design specifications. Later, the hairpiece will be integrated with a natural skin part to ensure a proper fit. After your hairpiece is fitted, you’ll be taught how to wear or blend it with your natural hair. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Hair Extensions for Women

At Images IV H.R.S., we aim to provide women with innovative solutions that help them create their desired look; we believe hair extensions are a girl’s best friend. Our skilled staff will provide you with an advanced cold hair extension method that uses tiny, plastic-coated copper shells as attachments to your hair. These attachments will stay secure for two to four months on your hair. They are also easy to remove while preventing damage to your hair.

No Polymers and No Glue. Especially, No Heat!

With our cold hair extension, you get quality human hair and continue to be active, exercise, and shower the same way you do on a daily basis. They are easy to take care of and most importantly, comfortable to wear.


In this system, your hair extensions will be attached with a ring made of copper or aluminum, or with a metal shell. The shell is later slipped along a strand of your hair up to the root area and then the hair extension is inserted inside it. The shell is double-flattened with a special tool to hold the extension hair in place, together with your own hair. This cold hair extension method is specifically designed for those who have thin or fragile hair to reduce the permanent damage to your hair.


We recommend removing these extensions in the salon, as it requires a special tool to open the metal rings. Images IV H.R.S. offers various hair extensions, including:

Tape hair extensions

Beaded sew-in weft hair extensions

Hot fusion

Clip-in extensions

Our Hair Integration Systems for Women

If you have diffused or thinning hair, a hair integration system is what you need. In this procedure, we identify the colour, length, and texture of your hair and then sew together the best human hair or synthetic hair on a web-like cap. Then we use a tail-comb to draw your hair through the ‘web’, for it to blend well with your hair, leading to the perfect hairstyle. This system adds any amount of fullness, length, and body to your existing hair.


At Images IV H.R.S., we design a hair integration system that is easy to take care of and is comfortable to wear. It also provides additional hair density and matches your lifestyle. Each system is hand-made by our skilled staff to custom-fit your head and design specifications. The hair colour and highlights are carefully selected to match your natural hair.


Give us a call today to learn more about our hairpieces, hair extension, and hair integration system for women in Windsor and surrounding areas.

Our Solution for Your Hair Loss

With our hairpieces, hair extension, and hair integration systems for women, we can help increase your hair density.

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