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Comprehensive Care for Scalp Conditions in Windsor

Thinning hair? Itchy, flaky, oily scalp? Our Windsor clinic acknowledges that scalp conditions are a treatable form of hair loss. A scalp cleanse will remove residues and other impurities that prevent hair growth by depriving hair follicles of essential nutrients. Cleanses also moisturize your scalp for immediate relief of itching and sensitivity. A full hair and scalp treatment moisturizes all the way from the roots to the ends to restore your hair’s shine, softness, volume, and flexibility.

Combat all the following conditions with a scalp treatment at Images IV H.R.S.:



Oily scalp



Dry or dull hair

Prevention is the Best Medicine

Why wait until your hair thins out to get a scalp treatment? Preventative scalp care at Images IV H.R.S. can often stop unnecessary hair loss from treatable conditions at the source. Our cutting edge micro-camera tells us how much each hair follicle is obstructed; that way, we can advise you with a specific solution targeted to neutralize your hair loss.


We won’t tangle you up in needless, costly procedures if we can solve your hair loss problem with a simple scalp treatment. For best results, we assess and cleanse before we act. Book an appointment and see the difference a scalp treatment can make.

Treat Your Scalp

Kiss itchy, oily, flaky scalp goodbye.

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