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Safe Hair Transplants in Windsor and the Greater Detroit Area

Performed successfully for the first time in 1955 and perfected over the years, today hair transplants deliver more natural results than ever. The qualified surgical team at Images IV H.R.S. has the experience necessary to provide long-term client care before, during, and after your transplant. Our facility welcomes you into a calm and peaceful atmosphere, where you can feel relaxed and know that your hair is in capable hands.

How Microfollicular Hair Transplants Work

To mitigate hair loss, this surgical procedure extracts healthy hair follicles and grafts them to bare areas. The surgical team’s work is meticulous about replacing your hair—taking into consideration size, angle, and density—so you can get back to feeling confident in your appearance. Optimization allows for a maximum number of grafts to bring your hair to its richest result.

At Images IV, your safety is always paramount. Prior to any hair transplant in our Windsor clinic, we carry out mandatory preliminary blood work. Our concern for your wellbeing makes us unique in our industry.


For a free consultation, contact us, or come see us to get the product, from the Cesare Ragazzi Line, that best suits your needs.


Talk to Us about Transplants

One-on-one consultations for a safe hair graft surgery.

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